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Gary Gaston
Retired Married 2 1967
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Sidney Roberts (Gaston)
Retired teacher Married 2 1967
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John W Gatlin
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Retired / Drilling Consultant Widowed 7 1959 Pat Brice / Lavoyce Pipkin 7 Children, 17 Grandchildren & 9 Great grandchildren After graduation I went to Texas A&M for a semester, ran out of money and enrolled at Odessa College in the spring of 1960. Had no clue what I wanted to make of myself so I joined the US Navy with Bob Price, Ronald Maberry and Weldon Holcomb on April 21 1960 and was trained as an electrician. Married Pat Brice 1961 and was releaved from active duty in April 1964.

Went to work for Pan American/Amoco 0n November 30,1964. Divorced from Pat 1970. Married Lavoyce Pipkin Rhoades March 1971, she was a widow with three babies and I had three which made six. We had a daughter and now we are seven. Our oldest son, Tommy died of a heart attack in April 1, 2002 and Lavoyce passed away in a one vehicle car accident August 21, 2002.

I have worked in seven states in the US and six countries, Scotland, Denmark, Holland, Qutar, India and Australia. Moved to the Piney Woods of East Texas 1994 and retired from Amoco 1998. This being 2010 I have 6 children, 16 grand kids and 4 great grand kids. Live on Lake Murvaul.
On Lake Murvaul, Gary, Texas
Lived in Andrews 3 times.  The last time in 1956. Went to school from 7th grade to 12 grade.  Played football 7 thru 12 & ran track 11 thru 12.  Played on the first Little League Teams in Andrews, the Corner Drug Gold Soxs and the coaches were Judge Ramsey & James Reed.  I was born in Snyder on a farm 15 miles north of Snyder on the Post Highway.  Moved to Eunice, NM in 1944 where my dad started working in the oilfields.  I have lived in 13 different towns in and around Andrews.  Some two or three times.  In 1956 my mom said" enough of this,  John needs to finish school in one place".  Dad bought a house at 1000 NE 5th St. and we never moved again.  It was always easy for me to meet people, I have friends all over West Texas.
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Natalie Thatcher (Gebhardt)
Married 2 1994 08/07/2016
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Beverly Murphree (Gerke)
Crime Victim Advocate Married 3 1971 Children-3/Grandchildren 4. Married nearly 37 years. Retired from the State of Texas. Working for County government. Living on a ranch and raising goats and hay. Enjoying everyday that God gives me.
My time in Andrews made me who I am today. Nearly all of my memories are positive. Thanks to all who made those memories.
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Bill Gibson
Retired Married 2 1960
I really enjoyed my Senior year at Andrews High.  What a good class and
so many good and smart kids.
I pray this finds all well.   Bill 
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Bill D. Gibson
Retired Married 2 1960
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Kellie Foreman (Gibson)
Married 3 1977 07/13/2017
Ken Gibson
court reporter www.gibsonreporters.com Married 3 1968
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Sandra Helton (Gibson)
Retired Married 3 1968 Lynn Gibson 2/3 I went to West Texas State, then to Columbia Business School in Odessa. I went on to become a Personal Injury Paralegal. I absolutely loved it, but there are no personal injury attorneys where we now live. I opened a cake shop and loved it, but had to retired due to medical reasons. I'm loving retirement, however. My future hubby was in Vietnam. We started out as pen pals in June of 1969. We met in December and married in August of 1970. And, they said it wouldn't last! We had three children, two of whom are still living, and have three almost grown grandchildren. We are truly blessed. La Grange, Texas 07/07/2016
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