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Dennis Elam
College Professor www.themarketperspective.com Married 1966 Christy None I know of! CPA, Andrews County Comptroller, Oil Field Construction Firm Andrews, Bankruptcy Trustees, today Assoc Professor Accounting Tx A & M University San Antonio Still writing weekly energy column for Odessa American and Andrews County News, married, and most important, take rescue Catahoula Hound Bentley for walks San Antonio
The best thing that ever happened to me was wne Dad was transferred from Kermit to Andrews, We waited to move until my senior year which in retrospect was a mistake. Entry to John Hogue's Spech Program, debate, extemp, persuasive, made me a life long effective public speaker and showed me I cold be a winner. Back then either  Andrews or Midland Lee did well at  every debate tournament in West Texas. That experience carried through to UT Austin. I am sure I was far more successful in college with the John Hogue experience. It was like being plucked from sand lot baseball anddropped into Yankee Stadium, what an experience. I recall being gone six weekends in a row to speech tournaments. I hope John Hogue is smiling with satisfaction from a well deserved Heavenly Perch!  And thanks to my team mates Dave Hendrick RIP and Ron Ragsdale.  Send Dennis  a MessageSend Dennis a Message
Ann Eppler
claims Married 2 1961 I've been raising a family, working, and traveling
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Allan Erwin
semi-retired Divorced 2 1969 2 sons, 3 grand daughters
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Jayelyn Bartley (Erwin)
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Married 3 1982
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David Evans
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Owner/Tiger Town, LLC. Married 1 1972 Gave college a try, then the grocery business for 21 years (remember Piggly Wiggly?). Spent several years as a sales rep in a number of Home Depots. In the meantime, we opened our own business and after a few years of trial and error, focus on selling LSU merchandise. (I know...but I'm in Louisiana!) We currently have one of the best selections of licensed merchandise in the state, and that includes the on-campus stores.
Am going to try to make it to the reunion this year.  May be a last-minute thing, tho.
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eddie farmer
retired teacher/coach Married 3 1972
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Linda Chesshire (Fields)
Retired Optician Married 3 1976
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Harley Max Fisher
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retired teacher Single 1960 I am a Freemason and still do some election work in Travis County. Wrote histories for our Lodge and for the Pioneer Farm here in Austin. Helped with lots of curriculum projects at UT, Princeton, Baylor, and Concordia. Keep up with exes and folks with whom I worked over the years.
I enjoyed teaching but enjoy being retired even more.   Graduated from University of Texas and just stayed in Austin to teach.  Got to travel a lot...Europe, Africa, Australia...  Send Harley Max a MessageSend Harley Max a Message
Gene Fitzgerald
Retired Banker Married 3 1955 Helen Davis /4 Nocona Texas
Helen Davis (Fitzgerald)
Retired Married 3 1957 Gene Fitzgerald 4 Nocona. Texas
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